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a.1.Consisting of songs.
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"Songish" meant a lot to Dima, who is also a big fan of the flute.
(K6, M6), Polish (H13, K14), Songish? (K9, R8), Tifal (K6, M6), Tillamook?
But in the end his admission that he cares little for the acting, the meanings, the dramatic totality of opera ("I don't care about understanding; I want to be pleased by the Songish part," p.
The sounds of flute and poem tangle and rip in the composition "Songish," as performed by Chicago-based flautistShanna Gutierrez:
Dryden later revealed, in the preface to Albion and Albanius, his bias against the parts of opera where music reigns over text: he endorses text-based recitative because it "requires a more masculine Beauty of expression," while aria (Dryden "pretends not to know the word," Winn notes) "for want of a proper English word" is belittled as "The Songish Part," explained by Winn to mean "foreign" and "effeminate" (pp.