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n.1.The act of producing sound, as the stridulation of insects.
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The approach called sonification enables even untrained listeners to interpret large amounts of complex data, providing an easier way to interpret big data.
To produce the music, Dr Domenico Vicinanza, of Anglia Ruskin University and data network Geant, and Dr Genevieve Williams, of the University of Exeter, used a process called data sonification.
Supper, Alexandra (2014): "Sublime frequencies: The construction of sublime listening experiences in the sonification of scientific data".
The sonification approach encoded the walls with the sound of an unpleasant noise, while to the exit of each level it assigned a stereo rendering that varied in pitch according to the distance to the current position of the player.
We developed a simple but flexible sonification procedure to transform one or more climate time series into a sequence of musical notes.
Realizado por Marisa Plumb y Yoni Ben-Meshulam, y con la tutela de Lev Manovich, utiliza Floe Sonification Framework para crear representaciones interactivas de datos basadas en el sonido, generando la sonificacion a partir de un analisis masivo de datos.
The cellular protein was extracted by sonification at a pulse rate of 30s with a rest of 1 min for 12-15 cycles until the samples were clear.
I L'audification, qui est une des categories taxonomiques de la sonification, consiste a transformer I en sons toute donnee non audible pouvant etre saisie et representee sous forme d'ondes.
There have been some efforts to make CAPTCHA more accessible for users who are blind, using integration of sonification and sound with CAPTCHA (Lazar et al.
Mullen, "MoodMixer: EEG-based Collaborative Sonification," in Proceedings of the International Conference on New Interfaces for Musical Expression, Oslo, Norway, June 2011.
While scientific visualisation and sonification are well-established ways of making complex datasets accessible, a new rubric seems necessary to describe this concept.
Interactive feedbacks with visualization and sonification for technology-enhanced learning for music performance.