Sooty albatross

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(Zool.) an albatross (Phœbetria fuliginosa) found chiefly in the Pacific Ocean; - called also nellie.

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Palpebrata (Foster, 1785) and the Sooty Albatross P.
In Brazil there are very few records of this species, concentrated in the south of the country (Roos and Piacentini, 2003); there is also a record in Sao Paulo, corrected afterward to Sooty Albatross, and one still unresolved from Bahia (see Roos and Piacentini, 2003).
We also placed satellite tags on some black-browed albatross and light-mantled sooty albatross. We need to understand where these birds forage so we can assess the degree to which they overlap with the areas fished by longline vessels--these are a risk to the birds if they attempt to take baits from the hooks.'
Dr Karine Delord of the French National Centre for Scientific Research and her colleagues Dr Yohan Charbonnier and Dr Jean-Baptiste Thiebot were studying the conservation of penguins, sooty albatrosses and giant petrels around Possession Island, one of five small islands that make up the Crozet archipelago in the southern Indian Ocean.
Other threatened UK species include wandering, grey-headed, Atlantic yellow-nosed and sooty albatrosses; as well as white-chinned and southern giant petrels.
You'll also find crowds of wandering, black-browed, grey-headed and light-mantled sooty albatrosses, gentoo penguins, southern elephant seals and Antarctic fur seals.