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a.1.Teaching wisdom.
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Editors G|ran Hugo Olsson and Sophic Vukovi<AEc> present readers with a collection of academic essays and scholarly articles focused on the various anticolonial struggles of the 1960s and their depiction in documentary films.
Although Locke followed Boyle in his pursuit of the Sophic Mercury, he kept his distance from speculative theories and his interest in chymistry, as indeed his extensive botanical investigations (later used by Linnaeus), remained closely tied to his medical interests.
The bulk of Kornblatt's study investigates the confluence of cultural traditions to which Solov'ev became the heir through his sophic reflections.
The poetry of Albert Steffen, "Rudolf Steiner's successor as the head of the Anthropo sophic Society in Dornach" (Preface), brought him back to the musical path, where he stayed the rest of his life.
But with three kids now--Max, 8, Sophic, 11, and 13-year old Collin, who practices with his rock band at home--the need for more space was palpable, even audible.
Sophic thigh," he asserted, "sophic belly, sophic butt.
The manuscript is full of references to the aquila or eagle (the volatile principle or sal ammoniac), aqua fortis or "strong water" (mainly nitric acid), aqua vitae (concentrated alcohol, often distilled wine), "dragons," (symbolizing "the volatile and fixed principles [mercury and sulphur]," 253), sophic mercury (describing the universal agent of transmutation) and the urine of Saturn (an ammonium salt), just to name a few.
Pramanik (Eds), New trends in neutro sophic theory and applications, Brussells, Pons Editions, 2016, 93-103.
Typically these personifications involved masculine and feminine figures representing Sophic Sulphur and Sophic Mercury who were joined in a chemical wedding.
1] Florentin Smarandache, A Unifying Field in Logics: Neutro sophic Logic.
neutrosophic overset, neutrosophic underset, neutro sophic offset;