n.1.One who sops.
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The Palatine Park District gymnastics program will host the annual Mari-Rae Sopper Gymnastics show over two days, May 18 and 19.
Sopper and Richenderfer (1978) examined soil structure after wastewater was seasonally applied on the irrigation fields for 12 years.
OF cuve, cueve]); soppier 1138-60, Sopere 1195-6, 1263, Sapere 1243, 1301, Soper 1243, 1443-6, Soppere 1260, sopere 1296-7, Sopare 1315, Sapiere 1324, Sopper' 1327, Sapier 1327, Sapiar 1332 (sopere 'a maker or seller of soap' 1200 MED, 'one who sells soap; a soap-boiler, soap-maker' 1225 NED; soap (sape, soppe) [OE sape; L sapo] 1000 NED).
No wonder he exploded with rage in Yorkshire after only being offered soup and a cold meat platter for "sopper".
Improved micropropagation protocol and enhancement in biomass and chlorophyll content in stevia rabaudiana (Bert.) Bertoni by using high sopper levels in the culture medium.
Davenport, Giroux, Sopper, and Mottola (2011) conducted a 16-week randomized control trial to investigate the effectiveness of two types of postpartum interventions in managing weight and reducing the risks for chronic disease among inactive overweight (BMI [greater than or equal to] 25 kg/m2) women.
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