n.1.One who sops.
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Lee, who recently came back from an ACL injury, hadn't vaulted in a meet since the Mari-Rae Sopper Invitational at Fremd on Jan.
Tenders are invited for Low Speed Heavy Duty Sewage And Effluent Submersible Pump Single Stage 20 Hp 15 Kw Head-25 Mts Capacity-1500Lpm At Duty Point Delivery 100 Mm Max Solid Size 60 Mm 1450 Rpm 3 Phase 50 Hz Ac Max Current 28 A F Class Insulation Ip 68 Protection Connection S/D Climpeller Complete With Suitale 10 Core 4 Sq Mm Sopper Submersible Cable - 20 Mtr.
Davenport, Giroux, Sopper, and Mottola (2011) conducted a 16-week randomized control trial to investigate the effectiveness of two types of postpartum interventions in managing weight and reducing the risks for chronic disease among inactive overweight (BMI [greater than or equal to] 25 kg/m2) women.
Al respecto, vease, entre otros, ADOMEIT (1984); BARRERE UNZUETA (1998); BOBBIO (1992); CALVO GARCIA (2000); CARPINTERO (1989); DE ANGEL (1994): DE LUCAS (1997); HERNANDEZ MARIN (1998); KELSEN (1991); LOPEZ CALERA (2004); MARTINEZ ROLDAN/FERNANDEZ SUAREZ (1994); NAWIASKY (2002); PECES BARBA (2000); PEREZ LUNO (1997); PRIETO SANCHIS (1997 y 2005); REALE (1997); RIDALL (2000); ROBLES (1988 y 1999); SOPPER (1993); SORIANO (1993); VERNENGO (1975).
IN 1981, as general manager of Singapore Turf Club at Bukit Timah racecourse, I had the good fortune to visit the Sydney Turf Club courses at Rosehill and Canterbury and to be introduced to their Super Sopper.
Kelleners TJ, Sopper RWO, Robinson DA, Schaap MG, Ayars JE, Skaggs TH (2004) Calibration of capacitance probe sensors using electric circuit theory.
UC Santa Barbara women's gymnastics coach Mari-Rae Sopper, hired less than two weeks ago, was on the plane that crashed into the Pentagon.
Richenderfer and Sopper (1979) found that the average moisture content of the hardwood forest floor, including forest litter and the top 2.