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Noun1.Soricidae - shrews
mammal family - a family of mammals
Insectivora, order Insectivora - shrews; moles; hedgehogs; tenrecs
shrewmouse, shrew - small mouselike mammal with a long snout; related to moles
genus Sorex, Sorex - type genus of the family Soricidae: shrews
genus Neomys, Neomys - a genus of Soricidae
Cryptotis, genus Cryptotis - least shrews
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2010): Insectivores (Erinaceidae, Soricidae, Talpidae; Mammalia) from the Pliocene of Capo Mannu D1 (Mandriola, central-western Sardinia, Italy).
Soricidae Shrew Total Mammal species Localities of capture ([dagger]) Aethomys chrysophilus Be, CCF, Ok, Pa, Ta Micaelamys namaquensis CCF, Ma, Ok, Pa, Ru Crocidura fuscomurina CCF, Pa, Ru Crocidura hirta Ma Dendromus melanotis Ta Elephantulus intufi CCF, Ma, Ok Gerbilliscus spp.
We compared the PCS specimens with casts and published illustrations of late Neogene North American shrews, as well as with Recent specimens of the recognized genera of North American Soricidae in the collections of the Oklahoma Museum of Natural History.
Comparative embryonic development of the Soricidae, pp.
Cane rat Muridae Black rat Shaggy rat Swamp rat Striped mouse Insectivora Soricidae Nigerian Musk shew Hyracoidea Procavidae Black Giant shrew Pholidota Manidae Western Tree-hyrax Long-tailed/Tree Pangolin REPTILIA Reptila Nile croccodilus Monitor lizard Water moccasin Rock python Green mamba Black cobra Hingeback CLASS SCIENTIFIC NAME CONSERVATION MODE OF POPULATION ORDER STATUS IDENTIFICATION NUMBER MAMMALIA Atilax paludinosus T F 1 Vivvera civetta E F 2 Genetta poensis T F.
Como se puede ver la figura 9, el patron dilambdodonto se encuentra en otras musaranas (Eulipotyphla: Soricidae, Talpidae) y en murcielagos insectivoros (Chiroptera: Vespertilionidae).