a.1.Of or pertaining to a sorites; resembling a sorites.
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We can run a soritical series from clear cases in which the subject's mental state has not been selected for, like in the case of S1, and clear cases in which it has, like Sn.
As we remove particles, the causal role changes slightly and changed functional states correspond to the different experiences in the soritical series (like the series of states I go through as I take a pain killer); a possibility that, as we have seen, is not available for TR.
2003) (examining soritical paradoxes in detail); Kevin M.
The author takes up a new line on the paraconsistent approach, to show that there is a close structural relationship between the breakdown of soritical progressions and contradiction.
Consider a soritical series of colour tiles, red at the left and slowly shifting to orange towards the right.
Such an inference begs the question as to whether or not all vague terms are soritical (i.
However one might think that it is simply false that nearly every vague predicate is soritical.
This is the standard kind of vagueness alluded to in most discussions, furnishing examples of soritical terms.
Such theories have been claimed to provide an attractive explanation of the appeal of soritical reasoning.