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n.1.A lot; also, a kind of divination by means of lots.
Sortes Homericæ
a form of divination anciently practiced, which consisted in taking the first passage on which the eye fell, upon opening a volume of Homer or Virgil, or a passage drawn from an urn which several were deposited, as indicating future events, or the proper course to be pursued. In later times the Bible was used for the same purpose by Christians.
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I have told you already my name is Francine de Sor. If want to know more, I'm nineteen years old, and I come from the West Indies."
"Never mind their laughing, Miss de Sor. You are quite right, you have good reason to complain of us."
Miss de Sor, my name's Brown, and I'm queen of the bedroom.
In the disposition of the beds, Miss de Sor was placed between Cecilia on the right hand, and Emily on the left.
(Miss de Sor, allow me to apologize for the mean manner in which this school is carried on; the knives and forks are counted and locked up every night)--I say take that pair of scissors, Cecilia, and carve the cake, and don't keep the largest bit for yourself.
This type of real-life practice guidance is the underlying goal of the Statement on Responsibilities (SOR) in Personal Financial Planning Practice issued by the AICPA's PFP Executive Committee.
SORs, while not constituting enforceable standards under the AICPA Code of Professional Conduct Rule 202, offer broad guidance on what constitutes good practice for those members who provide PFP services.
To avoid growing anti-Semitic rumblings, siblings change their name to Sors (pronounced "shorsh," Hungarian for "destiny").
Mexican baroque writer Sor Juana Ines de la Cruz, who is currently undergoing a form of re-canonization, is a particular case.
Accompanying the intense scholarly interest in Sor Juana in the late twentieth and early twenty-first centuries--and to some degree spurred on by it--has been the increased attention paid to other female religious in the early modern Hispanic world.
Sparebanken Sor's ratings have been withdrawn following its merger with
Virginia Woolf y Sor Juana: un tanatico erotismo conventual