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An audio recording consisting of a book or other material read aloud.


(ˈɔːdɪəʊˌbʊk) or

audio book

a recorded reading of a book recorded on tape, CD, or digital formats
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Great opportunity to further build on or for existing PR firm to absorb a sound book of business.
Common Core Standards are most definitely met in this text, making it a sound book to be used in the classroom, as well as for recreational reading.
In The Sound Book, Cox travels the world to visit places--both natural spaces and human-built structures--that have qualities of sound that are found nowhere else.
89p each MAGIC SOUNDS SOUND BOOK There are 11 titles, with favourites such as The Wheels on the Bus and Old MacDonald.
I re-read the Garden book recently and thought what a sound book it is, especially for newcomers to gardening here.
From its first page to its last, The Sound Book invites readers to close their eyes and open their ears to the sounds, both normal and peculiar, that surround us all.
Ja os brinquedos sem o selo do Inmetro sao: Celular #2, Ratinho, Tambor, Guitarra, My First Sound Book, Volante Musical, Cart Mail, Pianinho, Policia e Trenzinho.
com * Read up on all your favourite characters with this Winnie The Pooh - A Friendly Day For Pooh sound book, suitable for ages 3+, pounds 6 at Marks and Spencer.
5) "Meadow Mystery Playa Sound Book UIT a Cuddly Pooh".
book, a Dora The Explorer sketch quest sound book and a Snug Dora the explorer fleece blanket.
In a methodologically sound book, the author goes to show how a group of Israeli newspapers editors helped strengthen the distrustful view of the Palestinians by the Israeli society during the crucial early days of the second Intifada.
He has produced a beautiful, useful, sound book, by far the best contemporary thing of its kind.