Sound currency

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(Com.) a currency whose actual value is the same as its nominal value; a currency which does not deteriorate or depreciate or fluctuate in comparision with the standard of values.

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Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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Investors might also return if a sound currency was likely.
The guarantee of a sound currency also attracted investment from home and abroad that was needed to build factories and railroads, and open mines and new agricultural regions.
This desire for sound currency is reflected by the fact that employment stability is secondary to the goal of price stability, in contrast to central banks that focus on both equally.
Van Rompuy stated in Madrid that "in these difficult times, we tend to forget that the euro is a stable and sound currency with solid foundations compared with other currencies".
There will be barter, of course; but eventually some new form of economically sound currency will have to be introduced.
Most people know that a sound currency and a reliable banking system are indispensable for the workings of modern free-market economies.
In short, years after its introduction, the euro is now widely considered a sound currency, and it probably enjoys the same reputation as the Deutsche Mark, the most prestigious currency of the euro area before the common currency was launched.
"A sound currency, which this new $50 note will foster, is a pivotal factor in the strength of our economy," said Olson.
Generals once knew that after a war, the vanquished must get their economy up and running again, and to accomplish that, the first order of business must be the establishment of a sound currency. Before the landings in Normandy and North Africa, the top brass at the Pentagon were busy developing a currency game plan.
Sustainable economic development and the effective use of donor funding urgently require that sound currency arrangements, as well as strong and transparent budgetary and treasury systems, are put in place.
An ending of "credit crunch" and return to sound currency management would help to revive private sector growth.
THE price of world record signing Zinedine Zidane has been calculated in the most sound currency of all - property values.