v. t. & i.1.To sound.
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Sir John writes, "In Egipte er diuerse langagez and diuerse letters and of o[??]er schappe [??]an er in o[??]er placez; and [??]erfore wille I here sette bathe [??]e letters and [??]aire soune and [??]aire names, [??]at 3e may knawe [??]e difference betwix [??]a letters and letters of o[??]er langagez" (30).
The colophon identifies the 'autor' and 'translator' as a single person, and Beryn itself 'maintains the pretence' that it is addressed 'to an audience of pilgrims': at one stage its narrator orders the listeners that 'beth behynde' to draw 'somwhat nere, thikker to a route That my wordes mowe soune to ech man aboute' (ll.
Interaudiovisuel's Soune Wade, l., will be organizing a conference on "Television and its audience." From TF1, Monique Trnka, l., and Catherine Ancian, r., will be seeking co-production partners.
Wall who is not returned yet has our Jurnel and soune as he comes here I will send it to you by Express...the Indians as I send this letter by met me with the Barls as you wrote for to Mr.