Granny Smith

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Gran·ny Smith

A variety of apple having fruit with green skin and tart, tough flesh.

[After Maria Ann Smith (died 1870), Australian woman to whom its development is attributed.]
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Granny Smith

(Plants) a variety of hard green-skinned apple eaten raw or cooked
[C19: named after Maria Ann Smith, known as Granny Smith (died 1870), who first produced them at Eastwood, Sydney]
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Gran′ny Smith′

n., pl. Granny Smiths.
a variety of green-skinned apple.
[after Maria Ann Smith (d. 1870), who allegedly developed the variety near Sydney, Australia]
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Noun1.Granny Smith - apple with a green skin and hard tart fleshGranny Smith - apple with a green skin and hard tart flesh
dessert apple, eating apple - an apple used primarily for eating raw without cooking
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Sour apples are there, no doubt, whose lot is to wait until the last day of autumn: and at the same time they become ripe, yellow, and shrivelled.
I couldn't iron for sour apples now, I'm that shaky."
"If it ain't the real thing, may God knock off my head with sour apples!"
We'd managed to make it to dessert after more food than we'd collectively eaten in the last three days, and ended the service with a frozen lavage meringue with sour apple and custard cream yuzu and the chocolate sunchoke with coffee grind caramel and honeycrunch.
Fortified with schnapps, it comes in flavours including fruit punch, sour apple, blue raspberry, sherbet, cola, and strawberry and lime.
"There's a company that makes applesauce in flavors like sour apple and birthday cake, and they do so well for our elementary kids," he said.
Caramel apple, sour apple, apple fruit leather, light strawberry and raspberry, some dry chocolate, dust, wet wood, balanced sourness with a chewy texture, woody bitterness.
It was light, refreshing and deliciously 'appley' with crushed apples and sour apple liqueur.
Does this bring a new meaning to the decade's old 'Big Match' song that goes: 'Hang all the Royalists On the cadju pulang tree' (adapted from another US civil war song "We'll hang John Davis on a sour apple tree")?
Yet if anyone expects the auditors to be hanged by a sour apple tree, they would be sadly mistaken.
Lenny Kravitz strings hips together, sour apple Now & Later tongues