Sour plum

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(Bot.) the edible acid fruit of an Australian tree (Owenia venosa); also, the tree itself, which furnished a hard reddish wood used by wheelwrights.

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Usher in the Lunar New Year with your loved ones at Carousel and celebrate with highlights including homemade Tomato Soup with Pineapple Puree, Lobster Claw and Dried Scallop Crisps, Deep-fried Chicken and Roasted Bell Pepper with Curry Pineapple Sauce rolled with Coriander Wrap, Steamed Grouper with Seafood Mousse and Spicy Sour Plum Sauce, Scallop Brown Rice with Pineapple and Crabmeat wrapped in Lotus Leaves, Wok-fried Prawns with Chinese Lemongrass Glaze and Deconstructed Pineapple Tart with Tropicana Sherbet.
People use them when they're firm and green and quite sour to make this plum sauce, tkemali; a hot and sour plum ketchup."
People use them when they're firm and green and quite sour to make tkemali; a hot and sour plum ketchup."
Rainbow is an alcohol mixture of pandan, lime, lychee, sour plum, egg white and Maracatu Cachaca made in Brazil but only available in Singapore.
Recipes such as Veal and Sour Plum Stew, Scottish Crab Bisque, and Lentil Stew with Coconut are only a few examples of the wide-ranging dishes which take the soup and stew format and enhance them with new flavors and tastes.
The slightly sour plum pieces perfectly compliment the almond and granola pieces, the perfect wake up call.
Again the choice was wide and included pork fillet in a sweet and sour plum sauce; chicken piri-piri; baked sea bass served with butter and lime sauce and a vegetarian option.
A pounds 1.48 juice in Asda's premium Chosen By You range was voted worst, with testers describing it as "bitter" and tasting "like a sour plum".
Sour plum juice, made from smoked 'ume' (or dark plum), osmanthus flowers, hawthorn and licorice is also a traditional drink renowned for its purported health benefits.
The dish arrived with an excellent sweet and sour plum sauce with finely chopped carrots, cucumber and peanuts on top.
The five-course menu by executive chef Michael Thieme features Lobster Wonton served open with ruby grapefruit mignonette and Kiwanda Cream Ale; Broiled Yellowtail, crisp Thai Eggplant and Sweet and Sour Plum Coulis served with Surfer's Summer Ale; Pan Seared Scallops, Asian Basil Pesto and sweet rice served with India Pelican Ale; Bean Salad and Roasted Tomato Curry vinaigrette served with Dorymans Dark Ale; and Bittersweet Coconut Bombe and dark caramel sauce served with Tsunami Stout.
Fetzer's Eagle Peak Merlot 1999 (Bottoms Up pounds 7.99) offers juicy cherry and sour plum fruit, with a whack of leather, subsiding to a raisiny, dark chocolate and caramel finish.