Souris River

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Sou·ris River

A river, about 720 km (450 mi) long, rising in southern Saskatchewan, Canada, and flowing southeast in a great loop into northern North Dakota then north and northeast to the Assiniboine River in southwest Manitoba.
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The delay in the review, which is required to make changes to existing Corps projects, had prevented the Souris River Joint Board from awarding contracts for constructing flood control infrastructure under the first three phases the project.
The camp occupied a level piece of prairie almost surrounded by hills with the Souris River in close proximity .
Operation LYRE saw 375 soldiers called to assist in reinforcing flood control measures when the Souris River breached its banks in July 2011.
Caption: Floodwater from the Souris River surrounds the Ramstad Junior High School in Minot, N.
The City of Minot, North Dakota is the recipient of $600,000 in Brownfields grant funds which will be used to assess and clean up properties downtown, including areas affected by the flooding of the Souris River in 2011.
Clark Salyer National Wildlife Refuge and Lake Alice National Wildlife Refuge in north-central North Dakota along the Souris River.
Background: The devastation of the Souris River Flood of2011 doesn't stop after the water recedes; dangerous molds grow and spread in structures that have been inundated with flood water.
In the middle of June, the Souris River threatened the city of Minot for the second time in 2011.
The Souris River in North Dakota broke all previous flooding records.
In June, while Ashley was in Afghanistan, the Souris River, which cuts through the heart of Minot, rose some 20 feet and flooded most of the town.
Record snowfall in the northern Midwestern states led to record runoffs and floods in the Missouri and Souris River valleys, causing some of the worst weather impacts in the history of the western railroads.
In fact, the Souris River broke a record that had stood since 1881 when it crested 11 feet above flood stage in Minot, N.