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A video camera mounted inside a windshield and pointed outward, as to monitor the actions of police officers or to record accidents in order to determine insurance liability.

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Thus, while he notes the use of surveillance by authorities for the purpose of social control, he emphasizes the ways in which digital communications media provide platforms for activists to overcome inhibitions, transmit ideas, build solidarity, formulate tactics and strategy, and observe authorities' actions--what one sociologist nicely labeled their "sousveillance" function (Lupton 2015:95).
engage in "sousveillance" and watch the government from
team sousveillance for a specified amount of time before intervening.
There, I use Simone Browne's concept "dark sousveillance" to connect Ida B.
Un libro donde Mattelart y Vitalis dejan constancia del uso de la Cibernetica para el control de las personas como jamas se ha conocido en la Historia de la Humanidad y sin dejar de mirar al manana si consideramos que estamos en el inicio de los tiempos tecnologicos informaticos: "Este universo digital donde la vigilancia se practica a gran escala, la sousveillance mas problematica es la que no es intelectual.
(5.) Such findings have also brought forward notions such as sousveillance, emphasising how technologies are turned against the dominant organisations using them (Timan and Oudshoorn, 2012).
Volviendo la mirada atras con respecto al tiempo del discurso, en la sociedad contemporanea adquieren especial relevancia conceptos como sousveillance (Mann, Nolan y Wellman, 2003), participatory panopticon (Cascio, 2005) o catopticon (Ganascia, 2010), analizados en el cine y la television en profundidad por Sebastien Lefait (2013).
This essay offers an alternative reading through the metaphor of "sousveillance" or "parodic surveillance." It questions how Winter's novel might signal a way of working with and against contemporary types of surveillance to lessen their harmful qualities.
Vian Bakir, Torture, Intelligence and Sousveillance in the War on Terror: Agenda-Building Struggles.
He covers power, propaganda, and the purpose of news; making news: purposes, practices, and pandering; displacement and punishment: the press as place-makers; news as cultural distraction: controversy, conspiracy, and collective forgetting; normalizing media surveillance: media waiting, watching, and shaming; the violence of media sousveillance: identifying the press as police; and the myth of being "post-media" and why Americans will always be media illiterate.
Who is Surveilling Whom?: Negotiations of surveillance and sousveillance in relation to WikiLeaks' release of the gun camera tape Collateral Murder.
As opposed to Sousveillance Environments (watching from down and below, as human-centric), is how to improve smart people!