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I have no doubt it is a peculiar species and confined to this archipelago; because many sealers Gauchos, and Indians, who have visited these islands, al maintain that no such animal is found in any part of Sout America.
"Then," replied Olson, "ye're sout' of fourteen, me b'y."
This was an observation of Mohamed al-Marzouqi, director of the festival and manager of Sout Al Khaleej Radio, while speaking to Gulf Times yesterday.
'Sout Afkari' is a series of value-driven edutainment episodes which will run on Al Rai TV and social media.
fast Sout GAMBLING WISDOM "ALL horses deserve, at least once in their lives, to be loved by a little girl.
One of the main events that brought many spectators this Eid was the Souq Waqif Sout Al Rayyan music concert, featuring a variety of performers and singers from across the GCC region.
Menu includes Oregon Smoked Salmon and Irish Chive Butter on Soda Bread; Rosemary-scented Lamb Chops With Herbed Aioli; Sauteed Kale With Irish Bacon; New Potatoes With Mint; and Irish Sout Mini-Cakes With Irish Whiskey Frosting, all paired with craft beer or ale.
Qatar's Sout Al Khaleej and Kuwait's Voice of Kuwait have signed a co-operation agreement, it was reported in Gulf Times.
For her part, member of IHEC, Kolshan Kamal, said that results of Anbar province show that Motahidoun slate came in the First place with over 100 thousand votes, while Sout al-Iraqiya came Secon with 51thousand votes, United Iraqiya Alliance came Third with 35 thousand votes and Anbar Patriotic Alliance came Fourth with 30 thousand votes.
Radio and TV channels in different languages which showed interest in the news included Al Jazeera, Al Arabia, Al Hurrah, Al Misriya, Al Ray, BBC, CNN, Al Mustaqilah, Al Mustaqbal, Russia Today, Sky News, France 24, Radio Sawa and Sout Al Arab.
They narrowly beat Sout Hunsley High School (East Riding) 2-1 to reach the last eight thanks to goals from Sophie Warnes and Charlotte Agar.
Op die keurige voorblad van Jan Nel se essaybundel, 'n Leksel sout uit die maande, is 'n herfsblaar en 'n boomstomp met duidelike jaarringe afgebeeld.