South Arabia

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South Arabia

(Placename) Federation of South Arabia the former name (1963–67) of South Yemen (excluding Aden). See also South Yemen
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South′ Ara′bia

Protectorate of, a former protectorate of Great Britain in S Arabia, now part of Yemen.
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Yet additional factors may also contribute to perfumery's prominence, as shown in South Arabia: namely, the presence, traditionally, of a socioeconomic elite or 'aristocracy' of ruling families whose women were until recently free from domestic and subsistence labour and were secluded inside the home, thereby enabling the development of the fine art of perfumery and also the means to profit economically from it; ecological and commercial conditions that made available plant and animal substances for perfume manufacture; and intergenerational relationships featuring respect for the role of older women as conservators of esoteric cultural knowledge.
I vividly remember during the primary school level that I knew more about Egypt than I did about Aden and South Arabia in general; more Egyptian jokes and songs than other Arab ones.
I have an affinity with them because they winter in South Arabia. I saw them there when I served Queen and country and they reminded me of home.
He saw active service in Borneo, the Malay Peninsula, South Arabia and Northern Ireland.
For most of the 10 years they spent in South Arabia, Doreen and Harold Ingrams lived in the Hadhramaut, becoming not only the first Europeans to make their home there but the first that many of the Hadhramis had ever seen.
There are three scenarios that we believe could happen next: 1) Tekfen receives nothing in the remainder of the year, which we think is highly unlikely; 2) Tekfen receives a project basket from Iraq, Qatar and South Arabia totalling $800mn, which has a very high probability of occurring, in our view; 3) Tekfen also receives the Star refinery project from SOCAR in 4Q13, which is our base-case scenario.
Among the topics are 16 strong identifications of biblical people plus nine other identifications in authentic Northwest Semitic inscriptions from before 539 BCE, new perspectives on the trade between Judah and South Arabia, a preliminary survey of Mandaic magic bowls in the Moussaieff collection, biblical Hebrew philology in light of the last three lines (14-16) of the Yeh'ash royal building inscription, and Moussaieff's view of the Nerva coin.
The competition is split into two categories -- Assayel (the yellow-red hair camel of South Arabia) and Majahim (the black camel of Saudi Arabia).
"The Burial Ensembles of Dilmun and Tylos are the expression of funerary practices of these civilisations which flourished in Bahrain from the mid-third millennium BC until the mid-first millennium AD and which played essential roles in the organisation of trade between Mesopotamia, South Arabia and the Indian subcontinent," says Bahrain's submission to Unesco.
The SM calls this land South Arabia, and villagers predict s major insurgency.
By 1965, most of the tribal states within the protectorates and the Aden colony proper had joined to form the British-sponsored federation of south Arabia.

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