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Noun1.South Atlantic - that part of the Atlantic Ocean to the south of the equatorSouth Atlantic - that part of the Atlantic Ocean to the south of the equator
Bouvet Island - an island belonging to Norway in the South Atlantic near the Antarctic Circle
Atlantic, Atlantic Ocean - the 2nd largest ocean; separates North and South America on the west from Europe and Africa on the east
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He was a strong man, a kind uncle and the best sailor in the South Atlantic.
But Kai Shang realized that he must act with circumspection, for Gust alone of the motley horde possessed sufficient knowledge of navigation to get them out of the South Atlantic and around the cape into more congenial waters where they might find a market for their ill-gotten wealth, and no questions asked.
Two months after they weighed anchor and cleared from the port of Freetown a half dozen British war vessels were scouring the south Atlantic for trace of them or their little vessel, and it was almost immediately that the wreckage was found upon the shores of St.
South Atlantic Bank, the subsidiary bank of South Atlantic Bancshares, Inc.
On completion of the merger, the combined company will operate under the South Atlantic Bank brand, have nine offices serving coastal South Carolina markets, and have assets in excess of USD600m.
I applaud the South Atlantic Fishery Management Councils recommendation and urge NOAA to swiftly approve a plan that will benefit thousands of Floridians and offer long overdue and much-needed data on red snapper populations for future management planning throughout the South Atlantic.
Commodore George Anson had reported in 1741 that on the Patagonian coast of Argentina "there abounds immense quantities of seals" (Anson 1748, 68), but it was Louis-Antoine de Bougainville in 1765 who really initiated the South Atlantic sealing trade when he returned from the Falkland Islands in the Aigle "with a cargo of train oil and seal-skins, tanned on the island" (Bougainville 1772, 42).
The partnership was announced following a meeting at Batelco headquarters in Bahrain, attended by Star Solutions chief executive Jack Mar and Sure South Atlantic and Diego Garcia chief executive Ian Kelly.
The South Atlantic high pressure cell approaches slowly and takes it time to slip past the Cape of Good Hope, indicating that conditions further north will remain unchanged over the weekend and into the first two days of next week.
The South Atlantic had the most physicians in 2012:163,319 (18.
Editor's Note: The outcome from the September South Atlantic Council meeting in Charleston, South Carolina will likely decide whether the current eight South Atlantic MPAs remain as is, are amended to cover more area, or new additional MPAs will be created.
Potential oil wealth is a key factor in the South Atlantic territorial seas and subseas dispute, one of the few such disagreements in the region still fuelling tensions.

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