South Korean

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South Korea

South Korea

A country of eastern Asia at the southern end of the Korean peninsula. Korea was divided into a northern Soviet zone and a southern American zone after World War II, and Soviet resistance to reunification led to the establishment in 1948 of two separate countries, with the Korean War (1950-1953) leaving the peninsula divided along much the same line as before. Ruled until 1993 by a series of authoritarian military leaders, South Korea developed a prosperous economy on the strength of trade ties with Japan and the United States. Seoul is the capital and the largest city.

South Korean adj. & n.

South Korean

1. (Placename) of or relating to South Korea or its inhabitants
2. (Peoples) of or relating to South Korea or its inhabitants
(Peoples) a native or inhabitant of South Korea
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Noun1.South Korean - a Korean from South KoreaSouth Korean - a Korean from South Korea    
Korean - a native or inhabitant of Korea who speaks the Korean language
Adj.1.South Korean - of or relating to or characteristic of South Korea or its people
SüdkoreanersüdkoreanischSüdkoreanerinRepublik Korea

South Korean

A. ADJsurcoreano
B. Nsurcoreano/a m/f
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The Philippine Navy welcomed South Korean destroyer Munmu the Great and support vessel Hwacheon.
Saturday's visit by six South Korean (Republic of Korea or ROK) lawmakers to a group of small islands located in the Sea of Japan is sure to raise some eyebrows in Tokyo.
With worries about political instability, slowing growth and Brexit, at first glance Europe seems an unlikely destination for South Korean commercial property investors.
The South Korean cultural festival KUWAIT, July 24 (KUNA) -- Celebrating 40 years of diplomatic relations with South Korea, Kuwait's Sheikh Abdullah Al-Salem Cultural Centre is hosting a week-long cultural festival dedicated to the East Asian nation.
South Korean warplanes fired hundreds of warning shots at a Russian military aircraft that entered South Korean airspace on Tuesday, defence officials said, while Russia denied violating any airspace and accused South Korean pilots of being reckless.
Summary: TEHRAN (FNA)- South Korean Ambassador to Tehran Yo Jang Hyan said on Saturday that Seoul is determined to develop economic and trade cooperation with Tehran, reassuring that Korean firms will continue their activities in Iran.
Last year, 140,000 South Korean tourists visited or transited in the UAE and 10,000 Emiratis went to South Korea.- Alamy Image
The majority of South Korean U-23 soccer team supporters at the XVIII / 2018 Asian Games are expatriates who work in Jakarta and Bekasi.
He added that South Korean companies are already working in different sectors, however, there is huge scope for investment in energy, automobile, transport and other sectors.
PYONGYANG, North Korea -- Dozens of South Korean basketball players arrived in North Korea's capital on Tuesday for a series of games the two Koreas hope will foster a spirit of detente generated by the recent North-South summit meetings.
SEOUL, South Korea -- North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un clapped his hands as he, along with his wife and hundreds of other citizens, watched a rare performance Sunday by South Korean pop stars visiting Pyongyang, highlighting the thawing ties between the rivals after years of heightened tensions over the North's nuclear program.
Roughly 2,500 employees at the General Motors' South Korean unit have applied for a buyout package offered by the automaker as part of a restructuring, Automative News reports, citing union officials.

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