South Platte

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South′ Platte′

a river flowing NE from central Colorado to the Platte River in W Nebraska. 424 mi. (683 km) long.
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Noun1.South Platte - a tributary of the Platte River
Centennial State, Colorado, CO - a state in west central United States in the Rocky Mountains
Cornhusker State, Nebraska, NE - a midwestern state on the Great Plains
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"Mayor Webb's $45 million South Platte River Project has turned a filthy river into a thriving setting for wildlife, education, and recreation that is an outstanding example for the entire nation of an effective river clean-up" the award announcement said.
Groundwater N[O.sub.3]-N has been a concern along the South Platte River dating back to the early sixties and seventies (1,16).
Overruling his own regional administrator, Reilly argued that Denver's need to supply water to its growing suburbs was outweighed by the dam's threat to valuable wetlands along the South Platte River in neighboring Nebraska.
It's a beautiful, innovative facility, placed right on Cherry Creek, a fitting tribute to a man who set in motion the amazing now-41-year revitalization of the South Platte River and Cherry Creek, a clean-up and beautification that also includes an environmental education program that touches the lives of thousands of DPS students each and every year.
For more information about the lookout, call South Platte Ranger District at (303) 697-0414.
The city was, like many cities, built alongside a river-in this case the South Platte. As the city grew, the river became a dividing line between the rich and poor sides of town, and a sewer for both.
Two years later, the cable-stayed wooden bridge across the South Platte River opened connecting Commons Park to Platte Street.
The most controversial dam proposal in recent Colorado history involves a Y shaped section of the South Platte River where the north and south forks meet.

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