Southern blot

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South′ern blot′

a test for the presence of a specific DNA segment in a sample by observing whether single strands of DNA from the sample will bond with labeled strands from a known segment of the DNA in question.
[after Edwin M. Southern, originator of the test]
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To determine the stable integration of the OsCTZFP8 gene, Southern blot analyses were performed with transgenic lines.
Southern blot analyses of the plants inoculated with TYLCV-OM Rad-1 and ChiLCV- OM Rad-2 showed a high accumulation of both viruses (Fig 4, panels AI and AII).
(b) shows Southern Blot analyses after enzymatic restriction of genomic DNA with different restriction endonucleases.
High-resolution methylation polymerase chain reaction for fragile X analysis: evidence for novel FMR1 methylation patterns undetected in Southern blot analyses. Genet Med 2011;13:528-38.
Purified PCR amplification product of aiiA gene served as a probe to be used in the Southern blot analyses. The hybridization method was implemented according to the manufacturer's instructions of the DIG High Prime Labeling and Detection Starter Kit 1 (Roche).

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