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Matthew Southren, from Stockton, wooed the youngster on the Snapchat social media site where they agreed to meet in a York suburb.
Southren and the girl, who cannot be named for legal reasons, met in fields where he sexually assaulted her, York Crown Court was told.
The girl later deactivated her Snapchat account, but Southren got in touch with her again on Facebook and another meeting was arranged in the same fields, said prosecutor Nick Adlington.
Southren again sexually assaulted the girl at the second meeting, when the youngster was with a friend.
The actions are based on the 20 points recommended by the Prepratory Committee for the NDC as well as the 11 points by the Southren Issue Working Group in the NDC.
Southren, of Valley Cottage, New York, has recently been recognized as a V.I.P.
Southren is a Founding Partner of Advanced Cardiovascular Care of Hudson Valley.
west Negev desert last night and another one on a factory southren Israel,
Nominees from elsewhere in the region include Michael Whale from Cramlington, Ann Southren from Durham Trinity School, Brian Kenny from Newcastle's Development Training North East Ltd, and Debbie Finney from Ashington, who founded Pure Beauty.
GHAZNI CITY (PAN): District chiefs of southren districts of Ghazni have decided to hold bimonthly meeting for bringing peace, security and reconstruction in all the districts of the province, officials said on Wednesday.