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(ˌsaʊˈwɛs tər)

1. a waterproof hat, often of oilskin, having the brim very broad behind and slanted, worn esp. by seamen.
2. an oilskin slicker, fastening with buckles, worn esp. by seamen in rough weather.


[saʊˈwɛstəʳ] ncappello di cerata
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reach in deeply, pushing aside fly-tin, souwester, spare socks,
An old sheathknife and souwester are staunch old friends at night; A glass o' grog in rain or fog, will steer a sailor right.
All for the sake, it seems, of fashion and being able to go from one hostelry or club to another without wondering where they left their mac and souwester.
I AM to sailing roughly what Jade Goody is to race relations in Bombay, so the idea of pulling on the souwester and hitting the ocean waves has never ranked too highly.