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(ˈsɒv rɪ nɪst, ˈsɒv ər ɪ-, ˈsʌv-)

or sov•er•eign•tist

(ˈsɒv rɪn tɪst, ˈsɒv ər ɪn-, ˈsʌv-) Canadian.
a person who advocates Quebec's political independence.
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It got burned, because what it got was an acknowledgment of the fact that the territory of Canada can be divided based on provincial territories, a recognition of the legitimacy of the sovereignist option, the creation of an obligation to negotiate on an equal footing, and an admission that, in the case of bad faith on the part of the federal government, international recognition of a sovereign Quebec would be facilitated.
At the opposite end of the political spectrum, British sovereignist Timothy Kirkhope asked the EU not to forget "the real enemy hiding behind internet data".
On October 10, Alexandre Cloutier, PQ Minister responsible for Canadian Intergovernmental Affairs and Sovereignist Governance, said that for the time being there is no plan to demand the repatriation of EI since it would be impossible for the minority PQ government to get the National Assembly to adopt a motion asking for a constitutional amendment.
To be sure the first grouping is more sovereignist than the second and the two appear to be distinguished mainly by activity.
A civic nationalism, minus all ethnic references, would for all practical purposes render the current sovereignist project inoperative.
Nonetheless, with flamboyant Guy Bertrand (former intransigent sovereignist, now intransigent federalist) leading the charge, the most extreme elements made their way into the media, and the public perception was, in good part, that the contest was between defenders of anglophone rights and those seeking to reinforce the position of the French language in Quebec's largest city.
Sovereignist movements have emerged from Quebec and Aboriginal nations to propose the real possibility of a devolution or disintegration of Federal power.
Recent developments in Europe, including the emergence of the Euro raises questions not only within the sovereignist movement, but throughout Canada.
There was one clear "wedge" issue that Reform could use against the Tories, and the Liberals as well: national unity -- more specifically, opposition to any distinct society clause as an answer to the sovereignist challenge.
Following the 1995 sovereignty referendum, the anti-minority image of the separatist movement was reinforced when former Parti Quebecois (PQ) Premier Jacques Parizeau blamed "money" and the "ethnic vote" for the narrow sovereignist defeat.
The origins of this flight lie in Canada's legitimacy crisis since the 1960s, a crisis marked by the strength of the Quebec sovereignist movement and by the expectations by groups lobbying for more public spending.
Durham was not a sovereignist though he was of the view that, notwithstanding their common liberalism, the existing British colonies could "counterbalance" the former British colonies in America.