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(ˈsɒv rɪ nɪst, ˈsɒv ər ɪ-, ˈsʌv-)

or sov•er•eign•tist

(ˈsɒv rɪn tɪst, ˈsɒv ər ɪn-, ˈsʌv-) Canadian.
a person who advocates Quebec's political independence.
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The Lebanese Forces Party (LFP) as sovereignist party, have been fighting for Lebanon's freedom and independence over the past decades, and have relied in our struggle on the steadfast support of the United Kingdom and the rest of our allies and friends in the world.
The move shows growing confidence amongst far-right and sovereignist parties that for the first time since the EU was formed 60 years ago they can win enough seats in parliament to have a major say in how the continent is run.
Together with the seven percent score of sovereignist Nicolas Dupont-Aignan and one percent each for "Frexit" parties led by former Le Pen associate Florian Philippot and Francois Asselineau, far-right parties won a combined 30 percent of voting intentions, up from 25 percent end August.
We consider this a great Afrikan Sovereignist achievement!
Most mainstream conservative and left-wing parties have called on their supporters to back Macron and only one minor "sovereignist" party representing 5 percent of votes is backing Le Pen.
The first sovereignist government, elected in 1976, adopted the Charter of the French language (Bill 101, 1977) designed to increase the status of French relative to English in all institutions of the province and the work world (Corbeil 2007).
In Spain, Pablo Iglesias, the leader of Podemos, has often described himself as a soberanista (sovereignist), and he has consistently adopted a patriotic discourse.
His stance angered the party's more ardent sovereignists, but it is consistent with the politics of the PQ as they have been evolving for a long time from Rene Levesque's "beau risque" in 1984 to Pauline Marois' "sovereignist governance" in 2011.
Covering almost fifty years of Shakespeare in adaptation, from the Quiet Revolution until the political defeat of the province's most recent sovereignist premier, Pauline Marois, Drouin outlines how Quebecois playwrights have historically borrowed Shakespeare's voice and reconfigured his plays to express ideas related to ongoing civil and social independence.
Ironically, I think the fact that there was a sovereignist government in Quebec is what did displace the normal assumption there.
For China BRICS allows a chance "to share its sovereignist approach" (Laidi 2011, 10).