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A potentially habit-forming drug, C16H14N2O, formerly used as a sedative and hypnotic.

[meth(yl) + qu(in)a(zo)l(inon), a derivative of quinoline + -one.]


(Pharmacology) a nonbarbituate sedative drug used to treat stress and insomnia. Formula: C16H14N2O. US proprietary name: Quaalude


(məˈθæk wəˌloʊn, ˌmɛθ əˈkweɪ loʊn, -ˈkwɒl oʊn)

a nonbarbiturate sedative-hypnotic substance, C16H14N2O, used to induce sleep.
[1960–65; meth (yl) + -a- + qu(in)a(zo)l(in)one=quinazoline (< German Chinazolin, alter. of Chinolin quinoline) + -one]
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Noun1.methaqualone - sedative-hypnotic drug (trade name Quaalude) that is a drug of abuse
sedative-hypnotic, sedative-hypnotic drug - a sedative that depresses activity of the central nervous system and reduces anxiety and induces sleep


n metacualona
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