Eastern Bloc

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Eastern bloc

(Government, Politics & Diplomacy) the Eastern bloc politics (formerly) the Soviet bloc
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Eastern Bloc

The Communist states of eastern Europe, including those of the Balkans. Its strength through cohesion has been weakened politically and economically since 1989.
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Summary: When Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin meet in Helsinki on July 16, will they betray the most famous summit associated with the Finnish capital -- the 1975 meeting among the Western and Soviet-bloc leaders that gave us the Helsinki Accords?
The Democratic Unity coalition won a two-thirds majority in December's legislative election by capitalizing on anger over a shrinking economy, soaring prices and chronic product shortages reminiscent of Soviet-bloc economies.
Socialist Countries Face the European Community: Soviet-Bloc Controversies Over East-West Trade
STRASBOURG, France (TAP) - The European Union and Hungary brought their fight over democratic rights into the open Tuesday with the EU Commission launching legal challenges against the former Soviet-bloc country, which many fear may be slipping back toward authoritarianism.
The former Soviet-bloc nation will come under the ECB's monetary policy when it switches to the euro on January 1, 2009.
Events were especially dramatic in Prague, the capital of the Soviet-bloc country of Czechoslovakia.
The case of Archbishop Wielgus dramatically highlights a serious problem that has gone virtually unreported in the West: the failure in Poland and other former Soviet-bloc countries to bring to justice the officials and secret police who imposed communist tyranny for decades and are responsible for the imprisonment, torture, and death of many people throughout central and eastern Europe.
State Department didn't allow importation of firearms with rifled barrels from Soviet-bloc nations.
Bulgaria, an applicant for NATO membership, recently hired a Phoenix, Maryland-based company, Controlled Demolition Inc., to destroy approximately 100 Soviet-bloc era missiles, according to Bulgarian defense officials.
Several features (of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights] set it apart from both Anglo-American and Soviet-bloc documents, and these should be kept in mind as contests over the meanings of the Declaration's provisions continue.
"Network marketing businesses have done well in the old Soviet-bloc countries," Addison said.
One local contact of mine who has had postings in Russia and Eastern Europe reckons the Indonesians could run rings around their post Soviet-bloc counterparts.

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