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 (sō′vē-ĭ-tŏl′ə-jē, sŏv′ē-)
Study of the former Soviet Union, especially of its government.

So′vi·et·ol′o·gist n.
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(ˌkrɛm lɪˈnɒl ə dʒi)

the study of the government and policies of the Soviet Union.
Krem`lin•ol′o•gist, n.
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study of the Soviet Union, especially its government, policies, etc. — Sovietologist, n.
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On the Whig consensus in an earlier phase of Sovietology, see Stephen F.
I didn't much like the kind of Sovietology practiced at St.
For a precise summary of a realistic model of the state socialist economy, see Michael Burawoy, "From Sovietology to Comparative Political Economy," in Beyond Soviet Studies, 72-102, here 83-84.
Since the debate on revisionism in 1986-87, we have become accustomed to considering that social history is by definition incompatible with the theory of totalitarianism and that social historians must reject the heritage of the Sovietology of the 1950s.
This brief episode neatly illustrates both a defining feature of early Sovietology and the conflicts that engulfed it in the 1960s.
The great Indian paradox, the poor rich economy, is a living tribute to the Nehruvian Sovietology. The new NYAY is an abbreviation of an old ideological legacy.
They offered him a fellowship to study 'sovietology', promising to make him the future head of the Soviet studies department that they planned to open at the University of Lubumbashi.
This tension between a focus on a specific economic system, the socialist or planned economy, which, for lack of a better term, I will call Sovietology, and a broader vision of comparative systems as a field of economics did not go unnoticed at the time, but, as I hope to show, continued to simmer beneath the surface before being thrown into sharp relief by the collapse of the Soviet Bloc.
While Raeff placed his emphasis on historiography and Russian immigration, Pipes wrote a massive study of the Russian Revolution and developed expertise in Sovietology. Both viewed their subject from a comparative European perspective.
Tuminez studied Russian literature and Russian language at Brigham Young University and then went to Harvard University to study Sovietology. She took her doctoral degree at Massachusetts Institute of Technology.
She had a good opportunity to apply the methods developed by her predecessors in the 1960-1980s in relation to the Central Asian States, in the conditions of getting those real independence, which predicted the meters of Sovietology in the late 1970s--early 1980s.
Allah's Kolkhozes thus represents a key contribution to the study of Islam in the USSR, which is still burdened to some degree by the legacies of both Soviet writing and Western Sovietology on the topic.