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At the time of sowing, tools are generally unavailable, thus requiring that the adjustment and assembly of the sowing machine is performed without its use.
Peter, an engineer, went into business to manufacture his seed sowing machine in Lutterworth, England.
We're desperately searching for men and women with a sowing machine who can help us reach more families living in Wales.
The organization has transferred these technologies to the farmers which include zero tillage drill, wheat straw chopper, rice thresher, seed processor, groundnut digger / thresher, canola thresher, fertilizer band placement wheat drill, seed drill and other machines like solar energy system to dry fruit and vegetables, wheat and rice sowing machine, olive oil extraction machine and many other farm machinery.
Other researcher's [15-18] scientific experiments performed with various tillage and sowing machines in traditional and minimum-till soils were not completely evaluated with respect to the influence of soil compaction and the working speed of the sowing machine on traction forces in no-till and minimum-till soils.
The pneumatic vacuum sowing machine OLT and the pneumatic pressure sowing machine Aeromat--Becker are compared.
For the experiment the following utensils were used: two-furrow double-turn plough (12 inches), soil preparation machine, sowing machine for close sowing, edge roller, rubber roller of domestic make and smooth roller.
corn sowing with direct drilling (after wheat harvest) without any seedbed preparation, using four-row sowing machine (Model Annodi Fondazione, Co.
He never looked back after building the swank Everglades Club convalescent home for wounded officers in Palm Beach, with the help of close pal Paris Singer (heir to the sowing machine fortune).
Particularly eye-catching are the models of Mr Hamilton's sowing machine and Patrick Bell's reaper, which, when manufactured, signalled the end of traditional rural Scotland, here represented by a cruck-framed house from Dunbartonshire.
Each woman is given a sowing machine and an iron when she produces a perfect bedspread.