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n. pl.1.See Sowens.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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"Wheat-in-the-ear, my true-love's posy blowin'; Wheat-in-the-ear, we're goin' off to sea; Wheat-in-the-ear, I left you fit for sowin'; When I come back a loaf o' bread you'll be!"
Sowins - Jennifer and Jonathan Sowins, of Eugene, twin daughters.
He was born March 6, 1962, in Inglewood, Calif., to Andy and Susie Sowins Navetta.
In the battle for PNRFU second place, Bend (3-0) led 27-0 at halftime, but tries by Ned Sterns and Wayne Sterns and one of two conversions by Jon Sowins averted a shutout for Eugene (2-1), third in the seven-team Division III league.
EUGENE SCORING: Andrew Brouse, one try; Jon Sowins, one conversion and one penalty kick.
EUGENE SCORING - Andrew Browse, one try; John Sowins, one conversion and one penalty kick.
EUGENE SCORING - New Stearns, two tries; Andrew Brose, one try; John Sowins, one of three conversions.
EUGENE SCORING - Tries by Mic Dunston, Jon Sowins and T.C.
"If I could stamp out players, he would be a model player," said Jonathan Sowins, who coached Salisbury for four years on the Eugene youth club team.
EUGENE SCORING - Justin Vaughn and Jason O'Connor, one try each; Jon Sowins, one penalty kick.
Contact Jen Sowins, 685-0851, or Max Skorodinsky, 515-2370.
Three days later, Eugene battled the Portland Pigs to a 19-19 tie as Justin Burgin scored all three tries and Jon Sowins added two conversions.