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v. t.1.To pull by the ears; to drag about.
v. i.1.See Soul, v. i.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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"Whin I was about three-quarters av a mile off the rest-camp, powtherin' along fit to burrst, I heard the noise av the men, an', on my sowl, Sorr, I cud catch the voice av Peg Barney bellowin' like a bison wid the belly-ache.
That bhoy, so I was tould by letter from Bombay, bully-damned 'em down to the dock, till they cudn't call their sowls their own.
I would that he had lived to see the true light; but there’s mercy for a brave sowl, that died in the saddle, fighting for the liberty.
I know of but one objaction to the same, which is an over-careless ness about his sowl. It’s neither a Methodie, nor a Papish, nor Parsbetyrian, that he is, but just nothing at all; and it’s hard to think that he, ‘who will not fight the good fight, under the banners of a rig’lar church, in this world, will be mustered among the chosen in heaven,’ as my husband, the captain there, as ye call him, says—though there is but one captain that I know, who desarves the name.
Counahan the Navigator, rest his sowl! He was an imprompju citizen!
there's good books eneugh if ye'll read 'em: sit ye down, and think o' yer sowls!"
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Dame Agnes's ownership is indicated by a note entered on a flyleaf of S by one "Isabell Lumley" ("Here beginnith the boke cald Grace Dieu giffen unto the / Monasterye of Marrick by Dame Agnes Radcliff onn / whose sowl Ihesu haue mercye.
Case had been using the equipment at its Tomahawk Customer Center in Tomahawk, Wl, but donated it to the Sturgeon Bay college after NWTC students visited Tomahawk with their instructor Jon Sowl, senior instructor of the school's diesel technician program.
"Males arrive at molting areas before males may take the brunt of the hunting pressure," says Izembek Refuge biologist Kristine Sowl.
(33) After criticism of the British school system in Ireland, the play ridicules Gaelic League propaganda when Thompson's "un-heroic" battle is discovered: "Ach, don't burn me," he cries out, "and I'll learn Gaelic, and I'll make the children learn it--I will sowl [sic], and I have a parrot at home that my uncle brought from foreign parts; it can only whistle 'Dolly's Brae,' but be heavens I'll learn it [in] Gaelic, too."(36).