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or space suit  (spās′so͞ot′)
A protective pressure suit designed to permit the wearer relatively free movement in space.
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Four space organisations are currently working on space suits for Mars, with the OeWF the only European body involved in this research.
uk Into the Unknown: A Journey Through Science Fiction, Barbican, London (Till September 1) From space suits worn in Alien and Star Trek to models and props from Jurassic Park and Godzilla, more than 800 artefacts make up fan heaven.
In this disturbing future, the TARDIS crew are shocked to find out that oxygen is sold by the breath, space suits are prized goods, and that they must battle an extraordinary evil.
Apparently it is using a team which specialises in designing superhero costume designs for movies, to come up with the space suits for its Mars astronauts.
When the American's came back from the Apollo mission, their space suits were dusty and there was a person who cleaned the dust off.
The new additions to the exhibit include four authentic space suits and a lunar meteorite, all being loaned for display from the Heinlein Prize Trust.
The 71-year-old comedian, who played the role of dwarf warrior Dane Ironfoot, had faced considerable discomfort while filming scenes two years ago but the personal air conditioning system, which is developed for astronauts to regulate the temperatures in their space suits, will resolve the issue, the Daily Star reported.
The delivery included food, equipment, science experiments and supplies for the station, such as computers and replacement parts for space suits.
Horizon meets the scientists and engineers who are designing new rockets, new space suits and finding ways to help astronauts survive the perils of this long voyage.
CLOSE ENCOUNTER Belfast sisters Lucy and Faith Young, dressed in their Nasa space suits, meet Chris Hadfield yesterday
Among the topics are large-scale microscopy imaging analytics for in silico biomedicine, materials from business suits to space suits, data-intensive production grids, transforming data into the appropriate context, and analyzing exploration data in situ for scientific discovery.
NASA's current space suits, designed in 1992, were made for crews aboard the space shuttle fleet and those spending time at the International Space Station (ISS).

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