Spade handle

(Mach.) the forked end of a connecting rod in which a pin is held at both ends. See Illust. of Knuckle joint, under Knuckle.

See also: Spade

Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
References in classic literature ?
"If one could only conceive," he muttered, "the meaning of this last monstrosity." And leaning on the large spade handle, he buried his brows in his hands, as men do in church.
Brown threw up his bothered brow and rapped on the spade handle with an intolerance quite unusual with him.
"For certain, your ladyship," he replied, respectfully applying the spade handle to his hair, which was combed down to his eyebrows.
If you want to plant in grass, use a long, thin cabbage trowel or a broken wooden spade handle to plunge into the turf 15cm deep, dropping one corm into each hole as you go.
skeleton, propped on its spade handle like a crutch, having dug itself
The rooms are filled with reminders of the stories that have touched so many childhoods and the garden is just as she left it, complete with the famous spade handle that Peter stood next to in his blue jacket, proudly nibbling one of Mr MacGregor's carrots.
IT'S far noisier than it has any right to be, the clutch leans towards the aggressive and I loathed the handbrake which, for all the world, resembles a garden spade handle.
``Over the past 20 years there have been huge changes at The Auctions with the introduction of modern facilities and the latest technology, a major step from the early days when our gavel for auctions was a broken spade handle!''
The spade handle was spattered with blood and the blade was clogged with earth and cement.
Name: Lou Lou Age: Two Owner: Elizabeth Robinson Lou Lou loves to sit on the spade handle when we're digging for worms.
So if your soil is heavy and holds water, try dibbing a hole with an old spade handle and put about an inch of sand into the base and plant the garlic clove on top, filling above with fine compost.
It's full of wildlife, including deer, pheasants, woodpeckers, jays, nuthatches and a robin who sits on my spade handle while I'm digging.