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Irregularly shaped pasta or dumplings made usually by pressing dough through a colander or coarse sieve into boiling water.

[German dialectal (Swabia) Spätzle, little sparrows, spaetzle, diminutive plural of German Spatz, sparrow, from Middle High German spaz : spare, spar, sparrow (from Old High German sparo) + -z, hypocoristic suffix (from Old High German -izo).]
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(Cookery) a German noodle dish
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(ˈʃpɛt slə, -səl, -sli)

a dish consisting of noodles made from a batter poured through a coarse colander into boiling water, served with a sauce or as an element of other dishes.
[< German Spätzle, diminutive of Spatz dumpling]
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From Toasted Cumin and Eggplant Soup drizzled with freshly made mint oil to Kale and Zucchini Spaetzle, there are many inspired twists to familiar dishes.
Specials feature roasted pork shank with sauerkraut and mashed potatoes, a full slab of pork back ribs with German potato salad, half a roasted Long Island duck, and Hungarian-style paprika goulash with homemade spaetzle and red cabbage.
If spaetzle - Bavarian mac and cheese with gruyere sauce and crispy onions - was too hefty a plateful for Carb Boy, I suspected that I might struggle.
Serve with a side of boiled potatoes or spaetzle. INGREDIENTS: 4 slices thick-cut bacon, chopped 2 breasts and legs from mallards, plucked 1 medium onion, chopped 2 tbs.
EGG SPAETZLE * $1.99 Aldi got its start in Germany, and this spaetzle is a staple of the Teutonic table.
The sausages and main courses include Spaetzle Pan, a homemade noodle dish with cream, mountain cheese and crispy onion an assortment of sausages in pots like the weisswurst as well as platters of grilled coarse pork sausage, veal sausage, Swabia red bratwurst, Kaesekrainer, crispy pork knuckle, pork schnitzel and meat loaf.
More chic yet is Labstelle, where ingredients that are responsibly sourced around Austria make their way onto the always- changing menu of dishes like smoked duck with quince mustard (EUR27.90) and spaetzle egg noodles, gooey with Tyrolean gray cheese (EUR14.90).
Solaire's German executive chef Michael Dinges has prepared a family-style menu that includes Bavarian favorites such as oven-fresh Laugen Pretzel, German potato salad, Munich-style sausage salad, Weisswurst and other German sausage specialties, pork knuckles, Spaetzle and Classic apple and walnut strudel, etc.
In Germany and Hungary they call it Spaetzle, in Greece they call it Orzo, and in Poland they call it Pierogi.
Oxtail Stew and Spaetzle is one example, combining the author's mother's traditional Oxtail Stew with soft spaetzle egg noodles, or a variation on stuffed cabbage leaves, Bubba Rose's Beef and Pistachio Stuffed Cabbage Leaves in Chraimeh Sauce "Holishkes".
Say good-bye to sausage, spaetzle, and strudel--today's German cuisine offers you so much more!
Universal favorite beef goulash was the main course, served with homemade Spaetzle, red cabbage, and cranberries.