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Irregularly shaped pasta or dumplings made usually by pressing dough through a colander or coarse sieve into boiling water.

[German dialectal (Swabia) Spätzle, little sparrows, spaetzle, diminutive plural of German Spatz, sparrow, from Middle High German spaz : spare, spar, sparrow (from Old High German sparo) + -z, hypocoristic suffix (from Old High German -izo).]


(Cookery) a German noodle dish


(ˈʃpɛt slə, -səl, -sli)

a dish consisting of noodles made from a batter poured through a coarse colander into boiling water, served with a sauce or as an element of other dishes.
[< German Spätzle, diminutive of Spatz dumpling]
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Solaire's German executive chef Michael Dinges has prepared a family-style menu that includes Bavarian favorites such as oven-fresh Laugen Pretzel, German potato salad, Munich-style sausage salad, Weisswurst and other German sausage specialties, pork knuckles, Spaetzle and Classic apple and walnut strudel, etc.
In Germany and Hungary they call it Spaetzle, in Greece they call it Orzo, and in Poland they call it Pierogi.
Oxtail Stew and Spaetzle is one example, combining the author's mother's traditional Oxtail Stew with soft spaetzle egg noodles, or a variation on stuffed cabbage leaves, Bubba Rose's Beef and Pistachio Stuffed Cabbage Leaves in Chraimeh Sauce "Holishkes".
Plate with traditional dumplings or spaetzle and red cabbage.
Say good-bye to sausage, spaetzle, and strudel--today's German cuisine offers you so much more
Universal favorite beef goulash was the main course, served with homemade Spaetzle, red cabbage, and cranberries.
The pork-on-pork-on-pork for $22 is pig three ways with spaetzle gratin and apricot jus.
For the next 2 1/2 hours, I separate leaves from stems, carve off the hairy skin and rootlets, and cut each bulb into V4-inch cubes, meant to be folded into a sauce for spaetzle that night.
This is important because consumers are requesting so many different items, from spaetzle makers to deep-dish pizza pans to meat grinders.
I ordered the Bone-In Pork Chop, a generous 10-ounce cut with digon spaetzle, Swiss chard and caramelized shallots.
The Cheesemonger's Leavenworth location earned a following for its specialty cheeses, wine, beer, sliced meats and sausages, sauerkraut, spaetzle, crackers, cookies and chocolates.
Unless you have an Eastern European heritage or a penchant for replicating the hearty cuisine of German beer halls, it may never have occurred to you to make spaetzle at home.