Spanish Arabic

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Span′ish Ar′abic

the Arabic language as used in Spain during the period of Moorish domination and influence, c900–1500. Abbr.: SpAr
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Apricot Apricot stems from the Spanish Arabic words 'al' and 'barquq'.
Over the same period, the number of students choosing to take a STEM subject at A-level increased by four per cent, from languages, Spanish Arabic, are growing 259,580 to 281,315.
A Grammatical Sketch of the Spanish Arabic Dialect Bundle.
This is a fully revised update of A Grammatical Sketch of the Spanish Arabic Dialect Bundle (Instituto Hispano-Arabe de Cultura, Madrid, 1977).
He actively participates in seminars, conferences and local, Arab and international forums on Arab-Islamic history and culture in Andalusia, particularly in the Kingdom of Zaragoza and communities kingdoms during the period of splendor in Spanish Arabic history.
carabelas, Melody of guitar wavering Spanish Arabic mesh, What is it I
What he called his "danceable philosophy" harks back to medieval Spanish Arabic poetry, which is based on acute observation (essential in the desert, but still serviceable in cities and gardens) of human, animal, and botanical phenomena.
almanac Medieval Latin almanach, from Spanish Arabic al-manakh the calendar
His popular name, El Cid (from Spanish Arabic as-sid, "lord"), dates from his lifetime.
Marugan, in "Negative Markers in the Spanish Arabic Dialect," examines negative markers in the Spanish Arabic dialect, as is evidenced in assorted works from various epochs of Arabic in southern Spain (11th, 12th, 15th, and 16th centuries).