Spanish flag

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(Zool.) the California rockfish (Sebastichthys rubrivinctus). It is conspicuously colored with bands of red and white.

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The building on Kirk Lane was the China Experience but after a pounds 1.4 million face lift, it is flying the Spanish flag.
The Spanish flag was at half mast outside the plant, which receives components for aircraft wings from sister Airbus factories in Spain.
The move is the first stage of a full privatisation of the Spanish flag carrier.
The eight-legged oracle chose a mussel from a glass tank marked with a Spanish flag and ignored the tank in the German colours.
In Nike's adverts, the Mersey ferry flies the Spanish flag, red lines are painted between the yellow on the city's roads and office windows drape the Iberian insignia to show their allegiance.
With the Spanish flag flying at half-mast, the ambassador, the Marquis of Tamaron, led a five-minute silence.
He said he had been prosecuted while the Crown had dropped a case against a Spanish flag ship.
THE diplomat brother of Jeremy Paxman was involved in a bizarre diplomatic row yesterday after Royal Navy gunmen were accused of using a Spanish flag for shooting practice.
"At the opening ceremony they played my anthem twice, once when the Spanish flag was raised and once when the Swedish flag was raised."
"The young mayor liked our Welsh flag so much that she took down the Spanish flag outside the town hall and raised the Ddraig Goch in its place alongside the yellow and red striped Catalan flag," explained Charles.
Earlier he had signalled that Spain could be allowed to have offices on the Rock and fly the Spanish flag there."
The craze for the Spanish snacks has swept Scotland and now the Hoy Tapas Bar on South Methven Street has hoisted a Spanish flag in the premises that used to house Exceed.