Spanish Morocco

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Spanish Morocco

(Placename) a former Spanish colony on the N coast of Morocco: part of the kingdom of Morocco since 1956


(məˈrɒk oʊ)

1. French, Maroc. a kingdom in NW Africa: formed from a sultanate that was divided into two protectorates (French Morocco and Spanish Morocco) and an international zone. 29,661,636; 172,104 sq. mi. (445,749 sq. km).Cap.: Rabat.
2. (l.c.) a pebble-grained leather orig. made in Morocco from goatskin tanned with sumac.
Mo•roc′can, adj., n.
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The adaptation of El tiempo entre costuras to television is a clear example of this as the stereotypical descriptions of spanish Morocco that appear in the novel are visually translated in the television series as glamorized exotic settings.
Kuroki was in a B-24 that crash landed in Spanish Morocco and was captured by Spanish authorities.
They begin with travel writing and comparative multiple identities in such topics as the vogue for Spain in England (1800-1850), representations of Catalonia during the Spanish Civil War, Julian Barnes's Frenchness, the English in Herculano's De Jersey a Granville, Spanish Morocco, the Czech lexicon, Mary Eyre's travel books, Gener and Carrillo, the playground of English travelers, a Vassar girl's perspective on Spain, women writers, Salazar's country during the Spanish Civil War, Maps for Lost Lovers, Diana Wynne Jones's universe, writing in Catalan for the French, Portuguese pop-rock, figurines from Bak, and daring an oriental lover.
The Spanish Morocco also went to Marrakech in 2011 following a terrorist attack against the Argana coffee shop.