Spanish War

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Noun1.Spanish War - a war between the United States and Spain in 1898Spanish War - a war between the United States and Spain in 1898
Manila Bay - a naval battle in the Spanish-American War (1898); the American fleet under Admiral Dewey defeated the Spanish fleet
Santiago de Cuba, Santiago - a naval battle in the Spanish-American War (1898); the United States fleet bottled up the Spanish ships in the harbor of Santiago de Cuba and destroyed them when they tried to escape
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He returned to France with the epaulet of sub-lieutenant, and as the protection of the general, who is in the highest favor, was accorded to him, he was a captain in 1823, during the Spanish war -- that is to say, at the time when Danglars made his early speculations.
"Yes, during the Spanish war, at Perpignan, where Fernand had left her; she was attending to the education of her son." The abbe started.
Of course, after several months, the world became interested in the Spanish War, and forgot all about him; but in the Klondike itself Daylight still remained the most prominent figure.
It was built by the Pendragons in the very days of the Spanish wars; and though it's needed patching and even rebuilding for another reason, it's always been rebuilt in the old way.
I cited George Orwell's Looking back on the Spanish War, in which the author explains that, for him, "history stopped in 1936," because it was there, in Spain, that he discovered for the first time "newspaper reports which did not bear any relation to the facts." It was there that he sensed that "the very concept of objective truth," ruined by fascism in its red and brown forms, was "fading out of the world." And it was there, in effect, that men like Joseph Goebbels ("I'm the one who decides who is Jewish and who isn't") and later Donald Trump (and his "alternative facts") became possible.
The Spanish War (1898) is perhaps the very first example of the U.S invading a country on the basis of 'liberation'.
But this is the first time Wilson has appeared in director Sir David McVicar's acclaimed 2006 production, which updates the action from 1409 to the early 19th century during the Spanish War of Independence from Napoleonic France.
It discusses the strategic situation in the Baltic Sea region in 1699, how the army was reorganized the year before the outbreak of the war, its fortifications, its equipment and tactics, the phases of the war, battlefield performance, and connections to the Spanish War of Succession.
What was once a commemoration of the fall of Barcelona during the Spanish war of succession on 11 September 1714 was now a show of Catalan strength.
Report on the Origin and Spread of Typhoid Fever in US Military Camps during the Spanish War of 1898.
The seventh novel from Mitch Albom follows Presto - a gifted guitarist with the ability to change lives - from the moment he was born in a church during the Spanish War.