Spanish people

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Noun1.Spanish people - the people of SpainSpanish people - the people of Spain      
nation, country, land - the people who live in a nation or country; "a statement that sums up the nation's mood"; "the news was announced to the nation"; "the whole country worshipped him"
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During the signature camp, a large number of the Spanish people made their signature in favour of the oppressed people of Kashmir during this move.
The Spanish people, in general, know their economy relies a great deal on tourism and they all make a great effort to learn languages and show respect to their visitors.
But knowing how proud Italian, French or Spanish people are of their wines, it is highly doubtful that their lack of interest in California's finest grapes has anything to do with tariffs.
MADRID, April 27 (KUNA) -- Spanish people are set to cast ballots in one of the tightest election in decades on Sunday, as all candidates anticipate an unprecedented alliance government.
The Prime Minister's press chief Bertalan Havasi has informed Hungarian news agency MTI that on Thursday afternoon President of the Spanish People's Party Pablo Casado initiated a telephone conversation with President of Fidesz, Prime Minister Viktor Orban.
In an interview with Foreign Media Representative at Spanish Local Radio Aurora Moreno, Minister Martini welcomed all of those who are willing to visit Syria, particularly the Spanish media delegations to inspect the reality of events in it and to convey a true image to the Spanish people about the rate of destruction in the areas which had been under the control of terrorist organizations.
Some 14,000 Jews were killed at Mauthausen, with many Soviet prisoners of war, Spanish people who had fought against General Franco and scores of others.
At the outset of the meeting, the FM conveyed the greetings of HH the Amir to HM King of Spain and his wishes of further progress and development to the Spanish people. HM King of Spain entrusted the FM to convey his greetings to HH the Amir and his wishes of health and happiness to him as well as wishes of more development and prosperity to the Qatari people.
Freda Jackson, 81, insisted that Spanish people should go somewhere else for their holidays and said she cried at the end of her two-week trip to the popular holiday destination.
The Egyptian and the Spanish people have many things in common and I am so happy with the Egyptian fans' love for Spanish football," The ambassador told EFE after the game.
We Filipinos here in Spain would like to express our gratitude to the Spanish people for this great honor.