Spanish sheep

(Zool.) a merino.

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GGEV, Greek goat encephalomyelitis virus; LIV, Louping ill virus; SGEV, Spanish goat encephalitis virus; SSEV, Spanish sheep encephalitis virus; TBEV, tickborne encephalitis virus; TBEV-EU, TBEV European subtype; TBEV-FE, Far Eastern subtype; TBEV-NL, TBEV Netherlands subtype; TBEV-SI, TBEV Siberian subtype; TSEV, Turkish sheep encephalomyelitis virus.
John was a shepherd who take care a flock of Spanish sheep.
There was Spanish sheep and sheep from other countries.
The two-day meeting in Frankfurt, which started on Thursday, was hosted by the German Shepherds' organisation and brought together delegates from the Austrian, French, Greek, Portuguese and Spanish sheep industries, in addition to delegates from the UK.
It's takes a lot of profit out of the Spanish sheep industry - so much so that it has now dampened down enthusiasm for electronic identification," he said.
Prion protein gene polymorphisms in healthy and scrapie-affected Spanish sheep.
The park was laid out in its present form by 'Capability' Brown and has descendants of Sir Thomas Lucy's deer and Spanish sheep.
The commodity is Welsh Mountain lamb, usually regarded with derision in the UK meat trade and increasingly hard to sell except at very low prices even in its traditional Mediterranean markets with sterling strong and the Spanish sheep industry becoming more sophisticated.
Genetic diversity in the Churra tensina and Churra lebrijana endangered Spanish sheep breeds and relationship with other Churra group breeds and Spanish mouflon.
The causative agent was identified as Spanish sheep encephalitis virus (SSEV) (5).
ILSTS011 highly polymorphic loci giving 8 alleles in Balochi other scientific workers reported the same result in Spanish sheep breeds (Alvarez et al.