Spanish white

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an impalpable powder prepared from chalk by pulverizing and repeated washings, - used as a white pigment.

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PS6.49 Exquisite Collection Albarino Rias Baixas 2018 Aldi A dry and light Spanish white, it won silver at International Wine Challenge 2019.
VDV Organic Verdejo 2017 currently reduced to PS7 from PS8 until October 9, Co-op Because it's cultivated at 700m altitude, this wine is fresh for an inland Spanish white. Clean, dry and citrussy, it pairs well with fish.
VDV Organic Verdejo 2017, currently reduced to PS7 from PS8 until October 9, Co-op Because it's cultivated at 700m altitude, this wine is distinctively fresh for an inland Spanish white. Juicy, clean and dry, with punchy citrus flavours.
| Also in my glass my final Spanish white leads me nicely into Organic September.
Try Fillaboa Albarino 2013, Rias Baixas, Spain (PS19.95, which has been voted a Champion Spanish white at the Wines of Spain Awards and has delightful apple and pear on the nose and vibrant stone fruits with a minerally edge.
Among the 375ml bottles, my favourites are the young and refreshing Sula Chenin Blanc 2013 ( ` 450); Torres Vina Esmeralda Moscatel + Gewurtztraminer 2012 ( ` 950), an easy Spanish white that seems to have been created for kebabs and curries; and Sula Satori Merlot + Malbec 2013 ( ` 450).
Standout dishes included the heavenly foam of Cappuccino Beach Crab paired with a Chilean sauvignon blanc bursting with peach and grapefruit notes, and a smoked Lacquered Eel Roll with kimchee sauce, served with a Spanish white tempranillo [ETH] the first of its kind in the modern world.
Spritzy, allowing all of the wonderful baked green apple, floral, and spicy notes to be highlighted; a delicious Spanish white that is best served very cold.
It showed how a Spanish white could be and many have followed in Rioja and every area of Spain.
Two varietals will be added next year: Verdejo, a distinctive Spanish white variety and Monastrell, a red.
Serves 3-4 12 piquillo peppers, cut in long narrow strips 3 tablespoons flaked tuna, preferably Spanish white tuna (bonito), packed in olive oil 1 hard boiled egg, coarsely chopped 2 tablespoons extra virgin olive oil 2 teaspoons sherry wine vinegar 8 small black cured olives Arrange the piquillos in a single layer on a platter.