Spanish white

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an impalpable powder prepared from chalk by pulverizing and repeated washings, - used as a white pigment.

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Also in my glass my final Spanish white leads me nicely into Organic September.
Conditions : All Furniture Should Be Painted With Half Spanish White Colour Or Light Grey Or Beige.
This bold and floral Spanish white has a distinctive almost creamy taste all of its own.
com) which has been voted a Champion Spanish white at the Wines of Spain Awards and has delightful apple and pear on the nose and vibrant stone fruits with a minerally edge.
Among the 375ml bottles, my favourites are the young and refreshing Sula Chenin Blanc 2013 ( ` 450); Torres Vina Esmeralda Moscatel + Gewurtztraminer 2012 ( ` 950), an easy Spanish white that seems to have been created for kebabs and curries; and Sula Satori Merlot + Malbec 2013 ( ` 450).
Standout dishes included the heavenly foam of Cappuccino Beach Crab paired with a Chilean sauvignon blanc bursting with peach and grapefruit notes, and a smoked Lacquered Eel Roll with kimchee sauce, served with a Spanish white tempranillo [ETH] the first of its kind in the modern world.
Spritzy, allowing all of the wonderful baked green apple, floral, and spicy notes to be highlighted; a delicious Spanish white that is best served very cold.
It showed how a Spanish white could be and many have followed in Rioja and every area of Spain.
Sales of Spanish white wine soared 25% in 2009, outperforming the overall white wine market, which grew only 3% [Nielsen 52w/e 26 December].
I have had great results introducing restless Chardonnay drinkers to Alsace Pinot Blanc, South African Chenin Blanc, Savennieres and Rueda [a Spanish white based upon the Verdejo grape].
Two varietals will be added next year: Verdejo, a distinctive Spanish white variety and Monastrell, a red.
Most listed bottlings are well above $50, but there is an Argentine rose for $29, a Spanish white for $30, and a French cabernet franc from the Loire region for $35.