n.1.Obs. or corrupt forms of Asparagus.
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We also welcome Irving Sparage and about 60 Smith associates to the Airgas Great Lakes team.
Sparage, the grandson of founder Jack Smith, has operated the business for the past 28 years.
Joining Airgas provides great opportunities for our employees and our customers," said Sparage.
Vijay Seals, Paitandi Fluorobarbon Seals, Sparage India, Nu-Tech Rubber & Plastics, Parker, Merkel, Simrit freudenberg, Bushak Shamban, Hunger, James Walker, Hallite, SKF, Kastas.
To parents such as Paula Sparage, room mother for her son's second grade classroom, the award comes as no surprise.
Though she works, Sparage, finds the time to come into her son's classroom.
Why not just shut it down and move Garcia and Kerdoon across town to replace a few pieces of furniture that Randy Sparage broke.
The skinny: Prime Sports' gravitationally challenged anchor Randy Sparage hopes to change the perception that size isn't everything.
This mass-kicking plan has worked for him in the past, he said, and this week the weight-loss company firmed up the deal, which fortunately does not solicit Sparage to name-drop (only weight-drop) during a Prime telecast.
I've fought this weight thing since I was born; I had a news director in Dallas who said I'd never get a job looking the way I do," said Sparage.
Randy Sparage, Prime Sports: It's unfortunate enough the guy works in a visual medium.