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From the flames and the fireworks to the size of Taylor Swift's songs - and the sparkliness of her bodysuit - she does not mess around.
Finally, check out the luxury yarns and sparkliness of our Evening Glamour story: two party-ready women's sweaters and two beautiful wraps for special occasions.
RUGBY legend Brian O'Driscoll revealed yesterday he was starstruck by David Beckham's "sparkliness".
People trying to outdo others in the size or sparkliness of their poppies?
From the minute we stepped inside the X Factor studio the weekend of Ella's departure, we were mesmerised by the talent, the outfits and the super sparkliness. On our backstage tour we met the experts responsible for every outfit, speck of glitter and can of hairspray used on this year's competitors, and got to chat to them while they were primping and preening the talent.
Brown, with an assist from the Herald, had put a dent in Warren's sparkliness and prevented her from making it a campaign about the middle class, about consumers versus financial predators.
Sparkliness was a quality Richard valued highly in her.
l Give tired-looking skin a lift with Superdrug's Natural High, pounds 3.99, an instant radiance balm that immediately brightens skin without any tell- tale sparkliness. You can also apply a thicker layer and use it as a treatment mask.