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Noun1.Sparrow Unit - a hit squad of the New People's Army in the Philippines
New People's Army, NPA - a terrorist organization that is the militant wing of the Communist Party of the Philippines; a Maoist organization formed to overthrow the government; uses hit squads called Sparrow Units; opposes United States military presence in the Philippines
hit squad - a team of assassins
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On Saturday, the President said he had instructed the military to 'learn the art of assassination' to counter the NPA's liquidation squad, also known as 'Sparrow Unit' - as the Special Partisan Unit, or Sparu, of the NPA, is commonly known.
Duterte even considered the idea of creating a "Duterte Death Squad" to fight the so-called Sparrow unit of the NPA.
An aide who was fed to the wolves may consider enlisting the help of the Sparrow Unit (communist, not government) to rid the country of his ex-boss along with the so-called hoodlums in robes.
The Sparrow Unit of the NPA that Duterte referred to was the Alex Boncayao Brigade, but it has been disbanded a long time ago.
Sison added: "It's Duterte who says a lot about the sparrow unit, but the AFP (Armed Forces of the Philippines) authorities haven't been talking about it."
"What I lack is a sparrow unit. That's their advantage...So I will create a sparrow.
Several years ago, a communist assassination squad known as a sparrow unit murdered a Leveriza cop as he straddled his motorcycle in the morning.
Top military and police officials do not totally subscribe to President Duterte's idea of creating a so-called death squad to deal with the liquidation unit of the New People's Army - the infamous Sparrow unit of the 1980s - that had reportedly ceased to exist in the first place.
28, President Duterte announced that he will create an armed civilian group to counter the New People's Army Sparrow unit, a group of urban assassins blamed for the deaths of security forces and former rebels.
"Members of the sparrow unit of the CPP-NPA could be behind the attack.
On November 28, Duterte said he wanted to create an armed civilian unit that he hopes would counter the New People's Army's Sparrow unit. READ: 'Duterte Death Squad' to be formed vs NPA
He also ordered the launching of all-out offensives against the Maoist-inspired insurgents and announced that he would want to create a death squad to match the dreaded NPA's hit squad, usually called 'Sparrow Unit,' which is derived from the acronym of Special Partisan Unit, or Sparu.