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Lepeophtheirus spatha, a new species of copepod (Siphonostomatoida: Caligidae) parasitic on the California halibut from Santa Monica Bay, California.
SPATHIS Termino derivado del vocablo latino spatha = bractea amplia, y significa envoltura de agua.
His right hand rested on the pommel of a sheathed sword, apparently a spatha (the three-foot long weapon favored by the Roman heavy infantry and cavalry), the point of which touched the statue base alongside Napoleon's right foot.
Flores; alterni, gemini, penduli, breviter pedunculati, spatha squamiformi suffulti.
Synonyms: Iridina wahlbergi Krauss, 1848; Platiris wahlbergi (Krauss, 1848); Spatha wahlbergi (Krauss, 1848); Spathella wahlbergi (Krauss, 1848); Mutela wahlbergi (Krauss, 1848); Aspatharia wahlbergi (Krauss, 1848); Spathopsis wahlbergi (Krauss, 1848).
LOPEZ AGURLETA, Bullarium equestris ordinis sancti Jacobi de Spatha, Madrid, 1719, p.
Similar in size to a spatha, the weapon of the Roman imperial cavalry, which was between 68 cm and 81 cm long, the Bamburgh blade is a single-handed weapon and was originally about 76 cm long.