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n.1.See Spa.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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Spaw has indicated she may bring in outside attorneys to help with investigations, and the House's revised policy indicates outside attorneys or investigators may be used "if necessary." But to alleviate concerns with existing reporting procedures that leave investigations in the hands of elected officials, lawmakers have proposed several ways to establish what they say is needed independence in investigations.
Actress Mischa Barton has told a Los Angeles court that she is scared of her former boyfriend Adam Spaw.
On Friday, Barton, 31, testified that she was "terrified" of Spaw because she believes he has been stalking her.
A new mobile grooming service, MJ's Pet Spaw, is bringing a convenient, luxury mobile grooming to pets and pet owners in the Orange County, CA area.
Reddick EJ, Olsen D, Spaw A, Baird D, Asbun H, O'Reilly M, et al .
The convention is supplemented by three protocols addressing oil spills, specially protected areas and wildlife (SPAW), and pollution from land-based sources and activities (LBS), which together emphasize the need for inclusion of an environmental dimension in the development process in order to minimize threats to the marine environment and to ensure the sound use of marine and coastal resources;
Zeb Spaw is the contemporary artist who has the pressure of the art world on his shoulders when his work sells for pounds 20m.
I also have a close connection to the Boggy Bag Bay Spaw in Milford.