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 (no͞o′tər, nyo͞o′-)
1. Grammar
a. Neither masculine nor feminine in gender.
b. Neither active nor passive; intransitive. Used of verbs.
2. Biology
a. Having undeveloped or nonfunctional sexual organs: the neuter caste in social insects.
b. Having pistils and stamens that are nonfunctional or absent.
3. Castrated or spayed. Used of animals.
4. Androgynous or asexual.
5. Archaic Taking no side in a dispute; neutral.
1. Grammar
a. The neuter gender.
b. A neuter word.
c. A neuter noun.
2. An androgynous or asexual person.
3. A castrated animal.
4. An insect that has undeveloped or nonfunctional sexual organs, such as a worker bee.
5. Archaic One that is neutral in a dispute.
tr.v. neu·tered, neu·ter·ing, neu·ters
1. To castrate or spay.
2. To render ineffective or powerless: a scandal that neutered the politician.

[Middle English neutre, from Old French, from Latin neuter, neither, neuter : ne-, not; see ne in Indo-European roots + uter, either; see kwo- in Indo-European roots.]
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Noun1.neutering - the sterilization of an animalneutering - the sterilization of an animal; "they took him to the vet for neutering"
sterilisation, sterilization - the act of making an organism barren or infertile (unable to reproduce)
castration, emasculation - neutering a male animal by removing the testicles
spaying - neutering a female by removing the ovaries
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With a mission to provide spaying or neutering to every cat that needs it, The Feline Fix encourages people of all means to take advantage of their affordable spay and neuter services, low-cost vaccinations and microchipping.
During the month of February, Cook County residents can go to a private veterinarian of their choice and receive up to a $40 discount on the cost of spaying or neutering if the animal is current or becomes current for rabies vaccines," said Dr.
Proof of spaying or neutering is also necessary for all dogs that were not licensed as such last year.
The percentage of animals being adopted from shelters is surprisingly low, around 10 - 20 percent, so we want to educate people about the importance of spaying or neutering as a way to reduce pet over-population and improve animal health and well-being.
If you decide to delay spaying or neutering your dog, for whatever length of time or whatever reason, here is something else to consider: Some people just may not be cut out to deal with an intact male or female dog in their household.
Spay Day is an annual campaign to inspire people to save animal lives by spaying or neutering pets and stray animals.
Hiba al-Hajj, a second-year veterinary student at the Lebanese University who is receiving training at the Animals Lebanon clinic, agrees that spaying or neutering is a humane way to deal with growing numbers of strays.
Antonovich to require spaying or neutering of pit bulls and Rottweilers, made after an attack in January on an 11- month-old Palmdale girl.
The cost of spaying or neutering a pet is less than the cost of raising puppies or kittens for a year.
Powers said, will support the organization's goal of spaying or neutering 1,000 free-roaming cats in a target neighborhood, Main South, during the next two years.
Antonovich supports a proposed state law that would let cities and counties require spaying or neutering certain breeds of dogs.
By spaying or neutering your pet, you are playing an active role in ending the killing of domestic animals.