Special Forces

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special forces

1. A military or paramilitary unit trained to carry out special operations.
2. Special Forces A branch of the US Army composed of soldiers trained in special operations.

special forces

pl n
(Military) elite, highly trained military forces, specially selected to work on difficult missions

Spe′cial Forc′es

U.S. Army personnel trained to instruct non-U.S. forces in guerrilla warfare.

special forces

US Army forces organized, trained, and equipped to conduct special operations with an emphasis on unconventional warfare capabilities. Also called SF.
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Noun1.Special Forces - a division of the United States Army that is specially trained for guerilla fightingSpecial Forces - a division of the United States Army that is specially trained for guerilla fighting
division - an army unit large enough to sustain combat; "two infantry divisions were held in reserve"
U. S. Army, United States Army, US Army, USA, Army - the army of the United States of America; the agency that organizes and trains soldiers for land warfare
Green Beret - a soldier who is a member of the United States Army Special Forces
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Tenders are invited for Riggers Spec Ops Belt R As Per Attatched Annexure.
In Syria, the effort to take back Raqqa will require the training and equipping of Syrian opposition forces, and to that end, the 50 or so US Spec Ops forces will be in an "advise-and-assist" role while stationed in northern Syria, but they may also carry out raids, he said.
The Recon Force and Spec Ops series include 1920x1080 HD video with sound, and the Strike Force and Dark Ops sub-micro series have also been updated for 2015, providing 1280x720 HD video with sound.
His customers are private users, military main-line units and Spec Ops guys, from SEALS to Rangers to Recon personnel.
Lawmakers Skeptical of Global Spec Ops Plan--Congress and others are questioning the proposal to revamp the way special operators deploy around the globe.
Insurgency and double crossing in Dubai, featuring the original Kurtz character, proves to be the perfect antidote to any saccharine sewing up of plots in other shooters, and the Spec Ops ending will leave you speechless.
But I have less hope for it getting through the NMC than Spec Ops, as it's a modern crime thriller set in Hong Kong's triads, and features gun running, drugs deals and prostitution.
He quoted Giraldi as saying "French and British special forces trainers are on the ground, assisting the Syrian rebels, while the CIA and US Spec Ops are providing communications equipment and intelligence to assist the rebel cause, enabling the fighters to avoid concentrations of Syrian soldiers.
Catch a free tour weekend afternoons, or reserve the Spec Ops tour/training/tasting (5:30 in; $20).
Attendees will be among the first to have the opportunity to get hands-on time with multiplayer and the new Spec Ops survival co-op mode.
Up to four players can team-up in either the hugely challenging campaign mode or tackle the intense - but brief - Fireteam Challenges (a variation of Modern Warfare 2's popular Spec Ops mode).
Photos abound of our troops, including Spec Ops, toting old Dragonov SVD sniper rifles.