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n.1.(Zool.) A woodpecker.
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Zimmermann, Lorenz, and Specht (2005) suggest a standard architecture for context management that semantically enriches contextual data step by step in successive layers, which will be used as our main guideline.
Whether lab tests lead to commercially useful products is a big question, says plant breeder James Specht of the University of Nebraska-Lincoln.
David Specht, Soliya facilitator and faculty at Woodbury College in Vermont, told IPS the story of a Jewish student from the United States and a Muslim student from the Middle East who wrote a joint article on the Palestinian question.
In singles, no one had a perfect score, but six shooters came close, dropping only one target each: Sam Burton, Ben Welbaum, De Savage, Lee Specht, Charles Bover, and range manager Layne Kuhlman.
He works through the image of the other as catalyst in the case of Kerstin Specht's depiction of Filipino bodily life in Lila; of Vietnamese, Poles and Turkish-Germans in a neo-nazi context in Elfreide Muller's Goldener Oktober; African asylum-seekers and German Kurds in Bettina Fless's Asyl; a female Romany and female victimizers in Gundi Ellert's Jagdzeit; a Moroccan Bedouin as a model of inarticulate characters in Marelene Streeruwitz's Bagnacacallo; and Holocaust victims in Elfreide Jelinek's Stecken, Stab und Stangl.
Wayne Specht, the founder of producing troupe Axis Theatre Company, developed the mime-and-mask-enhanced piece with Roy Surette, who now heads Canada's Belfry Theatre.
Like the profession itself, social work education has been in constant revision to reflect the social demands, such as "shifting of government ideology" (Popple, 1995; Reisch, 1998; Wenocur & Reisch, 1989) "therapeutic culturalism" (Epstein, 1994, 1999; Specht & Courtney, 1994), "globalization" (Ife, 2000), just to name a few.
In 1946, Joseph Garnett Wood, Professor of Botany (1935-1959) in the University of Adelaide (who had spent many happy days exploring with Aborigines at the Point Macleay Mission on the Coorong of South Australia where his maternal uncle was in charge), encouraged his BSc (Hons) student, Ray Specht, to join the National Geographic Expedition to Arnhem Land in the Northern Territory, as botanist, ecologist and ethnobotanist--without remuneration.
Already in an early prototype, called Mobile Collector (Kravcik, Kaibel, Specht, & Terrenghi, 2004), the learner could annotate a photo (Figure 4).