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A trained British army Special Forces operative, he saw active service as a Commando Officer in Borneo and the Persian Gulf and commanded a Special Boat Section in the Far East.
In the 1940s, they were known as the Special Boat Section before being renamed the Special Boat Squadron after the war and the Special Boat Service in the 1980s.
The service - motto "By strength and guile" - began as the Special Boat Section in the Second World War.
I am an ex-politician, and if someone said Paddy Ashdown is an author, that would be the best compliment people could have ever given to me," said Ashdown, who is also the author of six books and a former Royal Marine, member of the Special Forces, and commander of a Special Boat Section in the Far East.
After marriage in Cape Town in 1942, it was off to the Middle East under Admiral "Egg" Irvine to survey the Bitter Lakes and for training in the Army's Special Boat Section.
He served in the Special Boat Section but was a prisoner between 1942 and 1945.
The World War II veteran, who served in the Special Boat Section and was awarded a CBE in 1994, died peacefully, said Mrs Ashmore, who lives in southwest London.
Mr Ashdown, a former marine who served in the crack Special Boat Section, led his party to 46 Commons seats at the last election - the best showing for 75 years.
During the war,he served on patrol in the Special Boat Section,but most remarkably he was an apprentice seaman on one of the last great square-riggers, thefourmasted Finnish barque Moshulu ,during 1938-9, trad-ing betw een the UK and Australia, viaCape Horn.

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