Special deposit

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a deposit made of a specific thing to be kept distinct from others.

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'The BSP shall remit 75 percent of its net profits as computed in this Act to a special deposit account [sinking fund] or to the National Treasury as dividends, or until such time as the net liabilities of the Central Bank shall have been liquidated through generally accepted finance mechanisms such as, but not limited to, write-offs, set-offs, condonation, collections, reappraisal, revaluation and bond issuance by the national government.
Guinigundo said that in the previous charter, the BSP was given limited collaterals in the form of government securities and they had to rely on the special deposit accounts or SDAs - which has been replaced by the TDF in 2016 - as a catch basin for excess liquidity since banks would rather park funds with the BSP to earn interests at less risks.
In July 2018, the government created a special deposit bank account where all the money reimbursed from the corruption cases would be collected.
It is expected that banks will be able to tap exporters' funds through special deposit accounts in the next one or two months.
Federal board of Revenue (FBR) issued explanation, saying that prior to the Finance Act, 2018 every banking company, in terms of section 236P of the Income Tax Ordinance, 2001 was obliged to collect advance adjustable tax at the rate of 0.6 percent from non-filers upon sale of instruments such as demand draft, pay order, special deposit receipt, cash deposit receipt, short term deposit receipt, call deposit receipt, rupee traveller's cheques in excess of Rs.50,000/- per day.
PESHAWAR -- The Bank of Khyber (BoK) Monday announced profit rates on PLS, Special Deposit accounts and PLS Term Deposits on closure of first six months of fiscal year 2018.
It said that all proceeds received in the name of the fund should be credited to the Public Account of Federal Government under the heads including Special Deposit Fund, Development Fund and Diamer-Basha and Mohmand Dam Fund-2018.
The Department of Insurance argued that the California Insurance Code states special deposit proceeds must be used solely for the payment of compensable workers' comp claims.
This was a marked improvement from the P1.2-billion loss it reported in 2016, when it was hobbled by P19.9 billion worth of interest payments to banks that deposited their excess funds in the BSP's short-term special deposit account (SDA) window.
Customers who opened a new Fixed Deposit during the campaign period as per the terms benefited from special deposit rates and earned one entry for the yacht experience prize draw for every QAR 100,000.
Total deposits as of end-2013 jumped 36 percent to P6.1 trillion as funds flushed out of the BSP's Special Deposit Accounts found their way into time deposits, among others.
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