Special deposit

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a deposit made of a specific thing to be kept distinct from others.

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The two other special deposit facilities also reported oversubscriptions on Wednesday.
Customers who opened a new Fixed Deposit during the campaign period as per the terms benefited from special deposit rates and earned one entry for the yacht experience prize draw for every QAR 100,000.
1) Keep your emergency fund in cash or near cash placements like savings, current, time deposits or Special Deposit Accounts (SDA).
The repurchase (RP) and Special Deposit Account (SDA) windows will be replaced by standing overnight lending and overnight deposit facilities, respectively.
The apex bank maintained the reverse repo rate and special deposit account at 4 percent and 2.
Policy makers also held the rate on so-called special deposit accounts at 2.
Emilio Neri, economist at the Bank of the Philippine Islands, said it was possible the central bank will raise both the policy rate and the special deposit account rate by 25 basis points next Thursday.
Slotland Mobile will announce special deposit bonuses for mobile casino players in April.
9% this morning after the Cypriot parliament unanimously voted against the bill on the special deposit tax last night, thereby rejecting the EU scheme to rescue the country's economy.
I work hard and I am for safe investments - such as trust funds and special deposit account for my children," she added.
I will recycle waste electronics, such as washing machines, fridges and televisions - anything with a plug or battery - at special deposit centres ?
Major Object: G12 Special Deposit Fund Minor Object: G121 Relief Funds Detailed Object(New) G12145 Prime Ministers Relief Fund-2011 The accounts of the Fund will be maintained by Accountant General of Pakistan Revenues Islamabad and the Fund will be administered by the Cabinet Division through F.
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